Shelburne Joins Fight Against Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit Cut

Downtown Shelburne Falls

Shelburne, a small town located in the southwestern region of Nova Scotia, has joined the fight against the provincial government’s recent decision to cut the film tax credit. This decision has caused concern among those in the film industry who believe it will have a negative impact on the industry’s growth and sustainability.

The film tax credit was a rebate offered to film and television production companies that operate in Nova Scotia. It was introduced to attract film and television production to the province and was later expanded. The credit provided a 25% refundable tax credit for eligible production costs incurred in Nova Scotia.

Recently the government announced it would be cutting the credit, citing the need to reduce provincial debt. The decision sparked outrage among the film industry, with many producers and directors claiming it would result in job losses and the loss of millions of dollars in revenue for the province.

Shelburne, which has been used as a location for several film productions in recent years, has joined the fight against the cut. The town’s mayor expressed concern about the potential loss of revenue for the town, as well as the impact on local businesses that rely on the film industry:

“The film industry has brought a lot of economic activity to our town. Many local businesses have benefited from film productions, including hotels, restaurants, and shops. The loss of the film tax credit will have a significant impact on our town’s economy.”

Across the Province

The fight against the film tax credit cut has gained support from other towns and cities throughout the province. The Nova Scotia Film Workers Association, a group representing over 500 film industry workers in the province, has also been actively advocating for the restoration of the tax credit.

The government has stated that it is committed to supporting the film industry and has introduced other incentives to encourage production in the province. However, those in the industry argue that the loss of the film tax credit will make it much harder for Nova Scotia to compete with other provinces and countries that offer similar incentives.