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David Bambrick to compete for Canada at 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia

"Being an ambassador goes beyond competing," said David Bambrick, who will depart March 23 for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia's Gold Coast and compete with Team Canada in Men's Shot Put.
"Being an ambassador goes beyond competing," he said. Bambrick will depart March 23 for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia's Gold Coast, where he will compete with Team Canada in Men's Shot Put.

Shot put athlete 'taking it day by day' with training ahead of games

WOLFVILLE – David Bambrick is taking it one day at a time as he prepares for the biggest competition of his life – the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

After learning he’d been selected to compete for Canada’s Track and Field team Jan. 10, he got his head in the game.

Bambrick is feeling excited, but says he’s trying to keep a level head as he gears up for his first time competing in the international arena.


“If you believe, you can achieve. Determination and dedication goes a long way.” These are two phrases David Bambrick says he keeps in mind and tells other people about competing in sports and achieving goals in general.

“When I got into track and field nine years ago, I had two dreams: to represent my province, and my country. Now I’ve accomplished both of those things,” he says.

Shooting for gold in shot put

This year’s games will run from April 4 to 15 in Australia’s Gold Coast, during which Bambrick will compete in the Men’s Para Shot Put event. He will be one of nine Canadian para athletes competing at the games.

36 able-body athletes, many who have competed at the World Championships and Olympics, will also join the team in competing at the games.

Bambrick says he’s beyond excited but working to stay grounded in the weeks leading up to his departure for the games.

“I can’t let the excitement get me too rattled, because it’s once you get into your head that you forget the things you practice,” he says.

An avid track and field athlete for nearly a decade, he discovered shot put when coach Steve Wolhmuth at the Launchers Athletics club suggested he give the event a go.

And the rest is history, according to Bambrick.

“I’m a naturally big guy, and running was never easy for me. Throwing came naturally, and when I tried shot put, it all went hand in hand,” he says.

One step at a time

Bambrick credits his involvement with his athletic club with helping him cope with his disability, and keeping him active.

Bambrick winds up to launch the shot put ball.
Bambrick winds up to launch the shot put ball.

His day job working at Acadia’s fitness centre also keeps him busy, but he makes sure to carve out time to focus on three key points leading up to his departure for the games on March 23: nutrition, weight lifting and practicing his technique.

After competing in the Canada Games in 2013 led to his winning two bronze medals, Bambrick says he’s looking forward to the opportunity to bring home a medal again, but this time for his country.

He will be competing in shot put alongside fellow Canadian para athlete Kevin Strybosch of London, ON, and says he looks forward to being an ambassador for Canada on and off the field.

“Being an ambassador goes beyond competing. It’s also the flight to Australia, meeting the other athletes, and representing my country in general,” says Bambrick.

He also extends a heartfelt thanks to everyone who’s supported and helped him throughout his nine-year journey with the sport.

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of you,” he says.

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