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Cambridge’s Ben Brown tops provincial records on Arizona track

Ben Brown is a world-class wheelchair racer from Cambridge.
Ben Brown is a world-class wheelchair racer from Cambridge.

CAMBRIDGE - Ben Brown is back from Arizona with two new personal bests.

Brown completed eight races in two days during the Desert Challenge Games hosted near Phoenix May 10-14.

The Cambridge resident returned home with new personal bests and provincial records in both the 800 m (1:51.56) and 1500 m (3:42.46) events.

“The 1500 m was a 16.34 second drop all on my own. I... knew none of the guys were going to go the pace I wanted so I blitzed it,” said Brown, reflecting on his silver-medal winning race at the Desert Challenge.

“I hit fatigue after the 1,200-metre mark. It took a couple of seconds and I found a second wind. My lungs were on fire after that. I was the second fastest T53… all others had a pack to work with.”

Brown managed to crack top four in the 200 m, narrowly missing the bronze mark by a mere millisecond with a final time of 29.12 seconds. He recorded season’s best times and starts in the 400 m, finishing with a time of 55.25.

Brown battled fatigue and steering issues in Arizona, but he’s pleased with the end results. He’s confident more personal bests are in the cards for him this season.

“My power, speed, fitness and endurance is there. I just need to work on hand speed and acceleration. I just received a new set of Corima disc wheels, which are lighter than my Pro Lites. Once I get the push rims coated, I will be breaking those in,” he said.

“The tires I will be running are also lighter and better for track events. These two things should make a difference as well.”

He’s encouraged by the momentum he’s gained in pursuit of the ultimate goal of qualifying for the world championships in London, England from July 13-23.

Next up, Brown will be pushing for personal bests at Swiss Nationals in Switzerland from May 27-28, and at the Swiss PC Grandprix in Nottwil, Switzerland June 2,3 and 5.

 “Seven of those races were world championship standards, which puts me on the radar for world championship selection in early June,” said Brown.

“I am on the right path to have awesome races in Switzerland. It’s all about fine tuning now.”

Fans closer to the elite wheelchair racer’s hometown in Kings County can catch Brown in action in Halifax June 10 at the Aileen Meagher International Track Classic.


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