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TIMELINE: Tidal power in the Minas Passage

The area of the Minas Basin where the five keel systems will be in place (photo credit: Big Moon Power).
The area of the Minas Basin where the five keel systems will be in place (photo credit: Big Moon Power). - Sara Ericsson

A look at some examples showing companies that have proposed and installed devices to harness energy from the tides in the Minas Passage.


The Maine-based Halcyon Tidal Power company created a Nova Scotia branch called Scots Bay Tidal Power Ltd. and proposed installing up to 34 turbines to harness tidal power.

February 2014:

March 2015:

READ: Big Moon power gets yes from Scott's Bay, province on tidal energy project


Cape Sharp Tidal is a tidal energy project currently ongoing at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy in Parrsboro. The project is a joint venture headed by Emera Inc. and OpenHydro.

May 2016:

Nov. 4, 2016:

November 21, 2016:

April 5, 2017:

April 27, 2017:

May 3, 2017:

June 15, 2017:

November 2017:

  • Multiple sources confirm 2018 deployment of second turbine delayed as both turbines receive maintenance in Saint John


This Halifax-based company was founded former Xerox CEO Lynn Blodgett in January 2015 after he conceived the company’s now-devised Kinetic Keel system, which uses a keel instead of a turbine to generate energy.

April 2016

  • Multiple sources report first phase of prototype testing conducted in the Minas Basin

June 2016:

  • Multiple sources report BMP founder Lynn Blodgett’s announcement of the new Kinetic Keel system to create tidal power without using turbines
  • Tests begin in the Minas Passage and Bigmoon Power starts consulting with weir fishermen

August 2017:

  • Consultations with Huntleys begin
  • Second phase of prototype testing begins

April 2018:

  • Nova Scotia Department of Energy approves two “marine renewable energy” permits for Bigmoon Power to begin testing keel prototypes

July 3, 2018:

  • BMP holds meeting in Scots Bay to announce tidal project is moving forward, installing gravity base July 4. Hoping to deploy kinetic keel system within following two weeks.
  • Tests to continue for 2-3 months as CMP looks at deploying first full-sized keel unit.

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