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Nerf gun shootouts, bears chasing people and numerous drunk driving complaints: Annapolis County RCMP have busy week July 23-29

['Nerf guns are at the ready so employees can be prepared whenever a Nerf war breaks out in the Verafin office.']
Suspects seemed to have a bit of fun at a break and enter at a warehouse in Cornwallis. Before the suspects left with some items, they decided to have some quality entertainment. It appears the suspects took Nerf guns and Nerf bullets from a box and had a shootout. Nerf bullets were found scattered around the warehouse.

ANNAPOLIS COUNTY, NS - Residents of Annapolis County had a very hot and muggy week. Wearing 30 plus pounds of gear, including a Kevlar bulletproof vest, made for very long days for the RCMP of the county. Attending calls of erratic drivers, hang up 911, impaired drivers, motor vehicle collisions and break and enters, kept them on their toes all week.

July 23

Suspects seemed to have a bit of fun at a break and enter in Cornwallis. The complainant arrived to find a warehouse had been broken into. Before the suspects left with some items, they decided to have some quality entertainment. It appears the suspects took Nerf guns and Nerf bullets from a box and had a shootout. Nerf bullets were found scattered around the warehouse.

A collision between a car and a cyclist in Mount Hanley could have turned out a lot worse then it did. There was some minor damage to the car, but both the driver of the vehicle and the cyclist were OK.

July 24

RCMP received several reports about an Internet scam. In the scam, the suspect threatens the receiver that if they do not send $7,000 in bitcoin the next day, they would release videos of the receiver watching porn. The caller alleges he has all the receiver’s contacts and was able to tap into the receiver’s computer and has proof that the victim spent time on porn sites. A media release was sent out to the public alerting that this was a scam.

There have been reports of ongoing speeding problems in Delaps Cove. Members of the public are requested to note licence plates of any vehicle they feel may be speeding or driving erratically in the area and report them to the RCMP.

In Middleton, RCMP responded to a call about a tire in the road. The tire was removed and the RCMP is asking anyone who is driving around with only three tires to report to the station to pick up their fourth wheel.

July 25

Another break and enter report brought the RCMP out to Torbrook. The owner of the home came home to find his house broken into. Several old collectable coins and two First World War firearms were taken. The homeowner was appreciative that when the suspects broke in through the front window, they were nice enough to take the plants down from the window and place them to the side of the house where they could get some sun.

A complainant reported that several cattle were beside the road in front of his home in Paradise. The cows were rounded up quickly. RCMP assisted with traffic control to ensure the 12 cows were safe from motorists. How did the RCMP officer know there were 12 cows? The officer used a COWCULATOR.

There have been ongoing issues of hang up 911 calls from a pay phone at Jeremy Bay’s Campground in Keji. The public is reminded that the RCMP have to respond to every 911 call, false or not. These so-called “jokes” of dialling 911 and hanging up on the pay phone is tying up resources and whoever is doing it when found, will be issued a hefty fine.

A missing elderly gentleman from Wilmot with several health issues was reported. Due to the extreme heat and health conditions of the missing man, RCMP Annapolis paired up with Kingston and New Minas RCMP and quickly located the man.

Reports have been received about dirt bikes driving up and down the roads in Clementsvale. The police are reminding the public that off-road vehicles are exactly that – supposed to remain off the roads. This includes ATVs or all-terrain vehicles, mini bikes, dune buggies and snowmobiles. Fines can range from $410 or $697.50 for a first offence.

A good citizen in Middleton reported that he found a black tote which contained insulin and a blood sugar monitor. He turned it to the RCMP, who located the owner.

July 26

The Annapolis County Street Crime Unit conducted a drug search in Brickton. RCMP seized a number of marijuana plants, shatter and hashish. One male was arrested and will appear in court in September.

There was a report of a noise complaint in Deep Brook. Patrols were made but everything appeared quiet at the time.

Two reports were made about a female trying to pass off a fake $100 bill at a business in Nictaux. RCMP want to make businesses in Annapolis County aware that it’s important to check large bills and report any suspicious occurrences.

July 27

A motor vehicle collision in Farmington resulted in damage to both vehicles but no injuries.

Another complaint was received about a dog left unattended in a hot vehicle. RCMP found owner of the vehicle and a warning was issued. The RCMP is giving constant reminders to the public not to leave animals in the vehicle in the record-breaking heat the county has been experiencing.

A motor vehicle collision in Bear River was caused by a driver falling asleep at the wheel. The vehicle then crossed the centre line and hit an oncoming vehicle. Fortunately, both parties, although shaken up, were uninjured.

RCMP responded to a report of a male located outside of a building in Middleton. The male was asleep, curled up with his pillow. Apparently, too many cold ones on a hot day resulted in the male mistaking the ground for his bed.

July 28

The saying “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere” was obviously the motto of the driver arrested for impaired driving at 9:15 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Members of the public reported that a driver went into a local business in Middleton after hitting the curb and losing items from the truck. The driver picked up the belongings, hit the curb again, then drove over it, causing damage to the vehicle. RCMP located the vehicle and transported to the driver to the detachment for breath samples. The driver failed both samples and was charged with impaired driving.

A second call was received from the public on the drunk driving complaint, which helped the RCMP to apprehend the driver. The complainant reported the male was in a local business drinking his own beer and trying to purchase more from the establishment. He was refused and left. The caller reported the front bumper was hanging off the impaired driver’s vehicle.

The same day, RCMP received a call of an erratic driver in Bridgetown. The vehicle was all over the road, hitting the shoulder several times and almost going off the road. The RCMP located female driver and arrested her for impaired driving. The driver refused to provide breath samples and was charged with refusal. RCMP would like the public to be aware that refusal of the breathalyzer results in the same charges and consequences as impaired driving.

A taxi driver reported that they had an intoxicated male passenger in the back seat who could not remember where he lived. The RCMP responded and obtained his identification and used police systems to locate his address. RCMP suggested that in the future, the male write his address down and keep it in his wallet.

The theft of a motorcycle gas tank was reported in Wilmot.

RCMP quickly responded to a fight in progress in Middleton. One male was stabbed several times with a knife. The suspect fled on foot but was apprehended shortly afterwards. The injured male was transported to the hospital where he was treated and released. The accused was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and remanded for court July 30.

In Granville Ferry, a homeowner came home and found the window of her home was open. The only thing missing was her cat. RCMP are asking for the “PURRPATRATOR” to come forward and return the cat.

A bear spotted in New Albany concerned a local resident. The curious bear started to approach the resident, which caused the resident to run, with the bear following not far behind. The bear ended up getting bored and went off into the woods. The Department of Natural Resources was made aware of the incident.

July 29

Suspicious males were reported in Middleton. The caller told police two males were outside her house, wearing all black. The caller took it upon herself to chase the boys away. RCMP made patrols in the area but could not locate the youth.

In the early morning hours, RCMP responded to a vehicle off the road in South Farmington. The driver admitted to falling asleep at the wheel. The vehicle went off the road and hit a telephone pole, resulting in extensive damage to the vehicle. The driver was transported to the hospital, where he was treated for a broken arm.

As a local resident was enjoying a walk on the Rails to Trails trailway in Bridgetown, she was stunned to see a grey Ford truck driving down the trails. Patrols were made but the vehicle not located.

Watch for flying frying pans in Torbrook! The RCMP responded to a mischief complaint where the caller stated that a verbal dispute between two parties resulted in one person getting upset and throwing a frying pan through the window. Luckily, no one was walking by at the time and no one was hit by the flying frying pan.

Later in the evening, a suspicious person was reported in Granville Centre. The caller reported a female was walking outside the house. She was wearing a long, black skirt and a white top. The RCMP made patrols in the area but could not locate the female.

Police tip of the week: The RCMP is advising the public that if they get emails requesting large sums of money and suspect it is a scam, do not respond, delete the email and report to Canadian Anti Fraud at 1-888-495-8501.

- From the Cruiser is compiled by Const. Cheryl Ponee, Annapolis County RCMP

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