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Missing water at Cornwallis Park has county crews worried

['Cornwallis Park became a civilian community a few years after the former navy base CFB Cornwallis was shut down buy the federal government. The private married quarters were sold to the public and the Cornwallis Park Homeowners Association was formed in late summer of 1997. It was later to become the Cornwallis Park Community Association which celebrated its 20th anniversary Sept. 30.']
Cornwallis Park

Residents of Cornwallis Park might want to check their basements and see if they have a leaking pipe. The municipal water utility is reporting that a significantly higher amount of water is being used and they don’t know why.

Municipal operations manager Greg Price said an extra 10 cubic metres of water an hour are disappearing from the system and his fear is a broken pipe somewhere county crews don’t have access to.

“Please be advised that as of March 13, 2019, the Annapolis County operations department has noted an increase in water consumption,” Price said in a notice on the county’s website and on Facebook. “Our concern is that there may be a leak in a home, whether vacant or occupied.”

He is asking residents to check toilets and basements to ensure there is nothing leaking or constantly running.

Price asked residents to share the notice with other community members and to contact his department if anyone notices any water coming up from the ground.

In the meantime, county staff are checking metres and eliminating other possible causes.

Price can be contacted at 902-665-5005.


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