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IN-DEPTH: Where's your doctor? Looking at the physician shortage in the Annapolis Valley

This graphic illustrates the doctor shortage in Kings and Annapolis counties
This graphic illustrates the doctor shortage in Kings and Annapolis counties - Kevin Bent

Do you have a family doctor? Are you on the list to get one? It's a common topic of conversation in the Annapolis Valley. 

Did you know there nine doctor vacancies in Annapolis and Kings counties alone? Seven family physician positions are open as of February 8. 

Reporter Ashley Thompson delved into the subject this winter. Read her full series: 

‘We shouldn’t have to wonder’: Doctor shortage hits home for Annapolis Valley patients

Ruby Hyndman breaks into sobs, burying her face in her hands to hide the tears rolling down her cheeks. Karen Hasler fights to finish her sentence before becoming too overwhelmed to speak. They don’t know each other, but have something in common: the doctor shortage issue in the Annapolis Valley keeps them both awake at night.

More than 6,000 people in Kings and Annapolis counties don’t have family doctors - meet some of them

Deanna, Stephen, Shirley and Vanessa share their stories.

Wolfville doctor on the front lines of physician shortage worried about broken system

Dr. Alison Wellwood believes exorbitant overhead costs and workload demands associated with running a family practice are at the heart of the underlying physician retention and recruitment issues.

Pharmacists ‘willing and able to help’ with doctor shortage stress

Local pharmacist Kirk Lycett, owner of Pharmasave in Bridgetown, has noticed a significant increase in patients seeking services in light of physician retirements.

A nursing perspective on the family doctor crisis in Kings, Annapolis counties

Dempsey sees nurse practitioners playing a vital role in care delivery as the need for family doctors becomes more pressing.

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