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What do Santa’s elves look like? Berwick primary students weigh in

The grade primary class at Berwick and District School headed by teacher Mrs. Rachel Best.
The grade primary class at Berwick and District School headed by teacher Mrs. Rachel Best. - Sara Ericsson

BERWICK, NS – What do Santa’s elves look like?

With Elf on the Shelf and countless Christmas adaptations having had their say on what Santa’s elves must look like, we put the question to those who know it best: five-year-olds.

Who better to ask than those who write to Santa themselves?

Grade primary students at Berwick and District School had plenty of opinions on the topic.Five-year-old Grace Salisbury says elves are, “old, and they’re grown up, but they’re tiny,” while Ashley Haight, also 5, simply thinks, “they obviously look like a person.”

This is what their fellow classmates had to say:

Hallie Osborne, five

“They look like a dolly’s face.”

Josie Hebb, five

“Elves have pointy ears on their heads.”

Josslyn Salsman, five

“They have a hat and have a smile face and they all love toys.”

Xavier Huntley, five

“I have no idea. Maybe penguins.”

Charlie Behrens, five

“Elves wear green.”

Ayden Easson, five

“They help Santa, and they have winter coats.”

Nolan Joudrey, five

“I think they have big ears. I think their hair is bright colours, too.”

Spencer Armstrong, five

“I watched Elf and they definitely have pointy, pointy hats.”

Sadie Rix, five

“Elves have different kinds of ears. Some are big and pointy, and some are small and less pointy.”

Morgan Easson, five

“Well I don’t know. They’re like Santa, except the part of Santa’s had that is red – theirs is green.”

Kees Floris, five

“Santa’s elves are red and white, and might wear a bit of green.”

Wyatt Weagle, five

“They kind of wear a bunch of colours. If they don’t, they can’t make toys.”

Seth Whittier, five

“Elves are green and white and magical.”

Lucas Perry, five

“They wear a little red because my elf came this morning, and I know.”

Arya Bentley, five

”They have a hat, and they have a bell on that hat.”

Maisie Walford, five

“Their hat is red and green. So are their boots.”

Valea Coleman, five

“They have a hat, and smile lots, and wear funny shoes.”

Stay tuned for what students have to say again next year when we ask them another Christmas question.

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