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Spring cleaning - volunteers come out to spruce up Windsor

WINDSOR, N.S. - Mary Ruffell and Ayla Smiling were combing the sidewalks along Gerrish Street for litter, and they didn’t have to look far. 

“A lot of cigarette butts,” Ruffell said. “It is surprising.”

Gloves on, garbage bags in hand, they get to work.

Ruffell said taking some time to clean up the streets is an important thing to do and that it’s important for citizens to take pride in where they live.

“We love our town, it’s a wonderful place to be,” she said. 

Ruffell said cleaning is done by town staff and the Windsor Business Enhancement Society, but it’s a big job, and the hope is that many hands will make for light work. 

Dozens of people took part of their Sunday afternoon on May 6, to go to assigned parts of town to collects and dispose of whatever garbage and litter they could find. 

Ashley Langille is one of the organizers of the clean-up. She said approximately 40 people were expected to come out and help.

“There’s also an education component, I think people being more mindful of the Earth and thinking before they drop their litter, I think that would be really helpful in keeping the town clean,” Langille said. “It’s also really nice to see how much people care. We’ve seen people out all week with garbage bags picking up litter.” 

The event used to be an annual occasion, but hasn’t happened in the last couple of years. Langille said she’s excited to bring it back.

It’s also part of Pitch-In Canada, a nationwide litter cleanup campaign.

“We are registered for that and will be tallying it all up,” Langille said. “We want to teach our young ones how important it is to pick up after ourselves and make our place beautiful.” 

Gloves, bags and garbage grabbers were supplied for free for volunteers and BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers were provided to thank folks for their hard work. 

Langille said, thanks to the level of support from the community, they’ll definitely be doing it next year.

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