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Harvest and Pumpkin People festivals fall together this year in Kentville

Town of Kentville mascot Spike gets a big hug from Nyah during the downtown extravaganza celebration hosted Sept. 30.
Town of Kentville mascot Spike gets a big hug from Nyah during the downtown extravaganza celebration hosted Sept. 30. - Ashley Thompson

KENTVILLE – With two autumn festivals falling on the same day this year, Kentville has plenty to keep up with.

The town’s renowned Pumpkin People festival, along with its Harvest Festival, are both kicking off Oct. 6 and are serving up combined fun for families to enjoy at the same time.

Lindsay Young is Kentville’s Community & Economic Development Coordinator. She says this year’s Pumpkin People will be “On the Go!” until Oct. 29, and will feature displays exploring all modes of transportation – past, current and future.

“It’s an Interesting way to talk about transportation, including active transportation,” says Young.

The Harvest Festival will also be held Oct. 6 at Kentville’s Town Square, where activities including pumpkin carving, a Scottish folk dancing workshop and the Hupman Brothers are sure to entertain.

The event will also include a pumpkin person-making workshop, and a guided hike from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

“There are a number of different things you can do while in town for Harvest fest,” says Young.

“These include a haunted house at the post office, a new exhibit at the Hardware Gallery, theatre at Centre Stage, and several new exhibits at Kings County Museum.”

This year’s pumpkin festival will feature over 300 individuals – something made easy to navigate by the festival’s annual map showing where the biggest displays are.

Among the new displays will be a Viking ship and a bullet train, with plenty of playing potential for kids wanting to take a seat, or grab an oar.

“Kids love props they can get into, and set designer Gerry Little works really hard on making these accessible,” says Young.

Also new this year will be a Pumpkin Person Scavenger Hunt, which will feature game cards with items festival-goers must find in each pumpkin display.

And another event timed to coincide with the pumpkin festival will be the Sip and Savour event, the first Devour! The Food Film Fest event held in Kentville. Anyone interested is advised to get tickets early, says Young, as the event is anticipated to sell out.

With all these events slated for October, Young says it’s “sure to be a time when people can always find something to do.”

The Town of Kentville website sums it up best for anyone not yet knowing what to expect from the town’s beloved Pumpkin People displays – just wait and see.

“You never really know what silly antics you’ll see from these gourd-headed guys,” it reads.

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