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All Done! - Annapolis West graduates 37 with Longmire, Bonnington taking top honours

ANNAPOLIS ROYAL, NS - Grace-Lyn Longmire earned the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Medal, and Abigail Bonnington was the recipient of the coveted Governor General Medal in an afternoon graduation ceremony at Annapolis West Education Centre June 27.

But it was Bonnington who walked away with the scholarships to the tune of $80,000. Dalhousie University awarded her $2,500 a year for four years while she also received the $70,000 Toronto Dominion scholarship.

Gemma Tompkins earned a total of $11,000 in scholarships from St. FX and the Annapolis West Health Foundation. Numerous other students received scholarships to various universities and colleges with a combined total of $125,000.

Co-students council presidents Longmire and Tompkins addressed the graduates and numerous awards were presented to students from community groups, businesses, and foundations before presentation of diplomas.

AWEC Principal Steve Schell addressed students saying that they had worked hard and today were being recognized for their accomplishments.

“As you leave here and move on to the next stage of your lives, I would encourage you to reflect on and determine your values, and prepare to take advantage of life’s opportunities as they come your way,” said Schell. “Embrace the challenges and the changes they bring. Also, make it a habit to regularly turn off your cell phone; and take time to listen to the Still Small Voice inside of you. Be kind, work hard, have a positive attitude and great things will happen.”

Valedictorian Noah Robinson described the graduation as a definitive moment.

“I speak for the entire graduating class when I say we could not have made it to where we are today if it wasn’t for the people in this gymnasium,” said Robinson.

There wasn’t an empty chair in the place and the bleachers were packed.

“Class of 2018, we made it,” said Robinson. “We have finally finished this amazing 13-year journey that has brought us to this defining moment in our lives. As classmates we have grown to be role models, leaders, and in the coming future we’ll be the backbone of society. I believe the AWEC class of 2018 has something special and will be remembered for a very long time. I’m honoured to be a part of such a unique group who will be remembered for all the good they did for this school and for this community.”

Robinson said he can’t wait to see all they great things Class of 2018 grads will do in their lives. He said graduation is not the end, rather the beginning of new adventures, new friendships, and new opportunities.

The Graduates

Graduating from Annapolis West Education Centre in 2018 were:

Johnathan Joseph Amero

Corbin Edward Beviss

Abigail Charlotte Bonnington

Darci Matracea Boudreau

Danica Irene Comeau

Kiersten Dorothy Paige Connell

Emily Joan Durling

Katelyn Joan Edwards

Virginia Ruby Everett

Calvin Craig Fancy

Desiree Kaitlyn Gesner

Victorianna Paige Gregory

Lauren Marie Kaiser

Hayley Cassandra Kearnes

Benjamin Joshua Kopriva

April Rosemary Langille

Grace-Lyn Adeline Longmire

Breanna Lee MacDonald

Cole James McLaren

Kaylyn Brooke Meuse

Daniel John Moore

Kaitlin Ashley Leanne Oliver

Bria Kathryn Oswald

Alexandrea Ann Marie Peck

Jesse Darren Stewart Robinson

Noah Ashley Robinson

Jarod Robert Damian Rogers

Leanne Luella Rose Rogers

Lexie Dawn Roney

Jacob Otis Sproule

Layne Edwin Sproule

MacKenzie Janelle Taylor

Jacob Robert Theriault

Dylan John Thibodeau

Tyler Harry Wyhnn Thibodeau

Gemma Louise Tompkins

Julie Michelle Walker

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