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Annapolis County residents aim to inspire with We R Women clothing

We R Women Clothing & Accessories co-founders Cindy Robar and Sue Rose developed a clothing line that aims to inspire and empower.
We R Women Clothing & Accessories co-founders Cindy Robar and Sue Rose developed a clothing line that aims to inspire and empower. - Ashley Thompson



Sue Rose and Cindy Robar want their clothing to be far more than a fashion statement.

The duo, based in Wilmot and Margaretsville, co-founded We R Women Clothing & Accessories in April 2016. The company grew out of their collective desire to produce a line of clothing that sends a positive message to women and girls.

“We wanted to celebrate the emotional, spiritual, intellectual well-being of women,” said Rose.

Rose freely admits that owning a business was never a bucket-list item in her books. The idea for We R Women came at a time when Rose and Robar left their careers in healthcare, and were looking for a fresh start.

“We wanted to continue to do something that would have a positive impact,” said Rose.

We R Women has come to be known for its one-word tees that encourage individuals to reflect on their positive qualities in choosing the t-shirt that best describes them.

Both Rose and Robar take pride in knowing their designs inspire women to reflect on what makes them strong, authentic, original, creative, adventurous – and the list goes on.

“It gives them strength,” said Rose.

“People feel a real emotional connection.”

They frequently hear deeply personal stories about why the t-shirts are meaningful to their customers, and they’re overwhelmed by the response the clothing line and recycled denim purses have received so far.

“When they really touch people, I’m amazed,” said Rose.

“If you have an opportunity to touch someone’s life in a positive way, that’s very powerful.”

They turned to Marketing AV in Melvern Square for design work, and use Amy’s Embroidery in Wilmot for printing.

We R Women was developed with assistance from the Self Employment Benefit program, and is currently a part-time retail venture for Rose and Robar.

The clothing is available online through We R Women’s website, and at various events Rose and Robar attend, but they’d like to see their products displayed in stores someday.

Robar believes the positive messages conveyed on their clothing would benefit all ages, but especially school-aged girls.

“Be yourself,” she said.

“You’d be surprised at how much more fun you can have being yourself.”

Learn more about We R Women at Get in touch by sending an e-mail to, calling 902-765-9162 or through the We R Women Clothing Facebook page.


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