Annapolis Academy hosts inaugural 3-on-3 hoops competition

Published on March 17, 2017

Stephen Wiles scores a layup during 3-on-3 basketball action at the Annapolis Academy March 16.

©Ryan Scranton

ANNAPOLIS ROYAL - The squeak of sneakers on hardwood reverberated throughout the gym at the Annapolis Academy on March 16.

The inaugural March Break 3-on-3 Championships drew teams from as far away as Yarmouth for a day of exciting basketball action.

In the senior division, the final game came down to teams captained by Stephen Wiles of Yarmouth and Jeremy Melanson of Digby. In the end, it was the team of Wiles and Brandon Gallagher from Yarmouth, playing with Tyler Colwell and Brock Hill from Digby who stood tall with a score of 21-14.

The youth division was won by a Weymouth-based team consisting of James Sabine, Jacobie Ford, Jack Mullen, and Aiden Comeau. They defeated an Annapolis Royal team captained by Rhys Scranton by a score of 10-5.

“I played my middle school basketball at the Academy so, it was really fun to be playing there again” said Wiles. “It was good to see a lot of younger guys come out and compete. I’m glad they are keeping basketball going in Annapolis.”

“There has been a lot of interest in basketball among youth in the Annapolis area as of late,” said Annapolis Royal Recreation Director Noah Scanlan. “It has become really popular outside of organized school sports, I think largely thanks to Ryan Scranton’s volunteer efforts to help young players develop and host informal games and shootarounds, and by having the ARRA gym facility for residents to use.”

Scranton said he was really impressed with the level of play that took place at the tournament.

“It was highly competitive and everyone was playing to win – but also extremely fun, welcoming to outsiders and newcomers, and very sportsmanlike,” Scanlan said. “I really enjoyed meeting with so many new basketball players from outside the immediate area and it was a great way to help build the local sports community and awareness of our great facility.”  

Players came from as far away as Yarmouth and, between the senior and youth divisions, ranged in age from 9 to 42. Organizers are hoping to make 3-on-3 basketball tournaments a regular fixture at the Academy.  In 3-on-3 basketball, games are won by the first team to 21 points or whomever is winning at the end of 10 minutes. Games are played on a half court so, the action is usually quick and aggressive.