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Annapolis Royal, Bear River teaming up for new waterfront amphitheatre

Bear River First Nation logo
Bear River First Nation logo

ANNAPOLIS ROYAL, NS - A new waterfront amphitheatre is coming to Annapolis Royal.


It was announced April 19 that the town and Bear River First Nation are teaming up for the project.

Bear River First Nation Chief Carol Potter said she and her council feel that the amphitheatre “will be a site where the Mi'kmaq can mark and celebrate their culture and history, and where the Town of Annapolis Royal and Bear River First Nation can renew the historic bond of friendship established in 1605, in a partnership of shared space and mutual benefit."

The amphitheatre will showcase the waterfront of Annapolis Royal as a place of first contact between Europeans and First Nations. Design elements and enhancements will highlight Mi’kmaq culture, including Elder Benches, symbols and carvings, monuments and interpretive panels.

“The amphitheatre project has provided the opportunity for our two communities to join together in the spirit of a shared history to create a model of co-operation and partnership, that it is hoped will inspire other municipalities and Mi’kmaq communities to do the same,” Annapolis Royal Mayor Bill MacDonald said.

The amphitheatre is envisioned as a physical symbol of the friendship forged between the Town of Annapolis Royal and Bear River First Nation – and a commitment to work together for the mutual benefit of the two communities.

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