Flying kites is a breeze at Belliveau’s Cove beach event

Published on July 13, 2017

Kites are flying high in Belliveau’s Cove, where a new event called Tide Kites has started up. Held every Sunday until September, the event encourages anyone with a kite or a passion for flying to get outside and get involved.


BELLIVEAU’S COVE, NS – Things are taking off nicely for one man with a soaring vision.

Kevin Tummers wanted to create an event in Belliveau’s Cove that would bring people together in an outdoor setting.

He also wanted something budget-friendly and interactive that people of varying ages could enjoy.

And thus, he thought of flying kites.


Family focus, but solo fliers welcome

“My memories of flying kites as a child are such that it was a simple, fun pastime that brought be a lot of joy,” he said.

“When I talked it over with the other organizers, we all agreed that would be the event.”

The event will take place every Sunday at low tide at the Belliveau’s Cove Municipal Park beach, which has plenty of parking, public washrooms and that ocean view.

People of all ages have been participating in the event.


Tummers and his fellow organizers also started the event to bring something new to the community.

“There isn’t always a lot going on here in the summertime, but when grandkids come to visit their grandparents, you get they’re going to want to fly a kite,” said Tummers.

“One thing we’ve always got here in Belliveau’s Cove is wind, just one more reason we went with kites.”

The event is zero cost and focused on family fun, but also encourages anyone wanting to fly their kites solo or with a friend to come on out.


Fun for everyone

Tummers said it’s already seen much success since its start June 25.

He’s even heard from people who’ve participated about the joy it’s brought to their lives.

“One elderly man who has lived here for ten years came out a few weeks ago to fly his kite. He told me it was the most fun he’s had here in those ten years,” said Tummers.

The event's poster.


Another man brought 15 kites with him to the beach and was very grateful he wasn’t the only one there.

“This man loves kites but hadn’t flown any publicly because he thought people would think he was crazy,” said Tummers.

As far as any stigma surrounding adults flying a kite, Tummers said it’s not a problem at the event, which is getting so popular he and the other organizers are thinking of creating a closing festival for at the end of this season.

“We’re celebrating being outdoors in Canada’s Ocean Playground by flying kites along the ocean floor at low tide. Does it get better than this?” he said.

For more information, see the event’s Facebook page.