Kings County residents send thanks to the plow drivers

Published on February 13, 2017

A Kentville plow driver clears snow on Apple Tree Lane Feb. 13.

KINGS COUNTY, NS – It may be a day early for Valentine's Day, but Kings County residents are sending love notes to plow drivers in the region.

As a storm sweeps through Nova Scotia, dumping up to 45 centimetres of snow blown about by high wins and cancelling schools and closing businesses across the Valley, Kings County residents sent their thanks to the people who have no choice but to be on the roads in the weather conditions: the plow drivers.

On a Facebook post by, 20 people sent their appreciation in less than an hour. readers send thanks to plow drivers Feb. 13 via Facebook

“Thanks for all you do..God bless you all,” wrote Marilyn Atwell.

The sentiment was similar from most people.

“Have fun driving the big equipment! We appreciate what you do and how you do it- all for us!” wrote Marcy Gibbons.

A Facebook user named Oscar Jane Woolaver pointed out that it’s also a fun job. “How satisfying it must be to bust through a big snow drift sending snow flying... THANKS FOR CLEARING THE ROADS PLOW DUDES!”

Added Jean Harvey, “So grateful for your services. Blessings. Stay safe and be warm!!”

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Will Young, a broadcaster at Magic 94.9 radio in Kentville, had a special message for the plow operators. “You guys help me walk to work every snowy morning, so I can tell kids across the Valley they've got no school. Thank you very much!”