Lawrencetown gets growing!

You can do more than just borrow books -- AVRL launches seed library

Lawrence Powell
Published on May 5, 2016

Librarian Jaki Fraser at the Dr. Frank W. Morse Memorial Library in Lawrencetown holds up packets of seeds and planting instructions. The library is the site of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library’s Seed Library pilot project. Public response has been enthusiastic.

©Lawrence Powell

LAWRENCETOWN - People are going to the library in Lawrencetown and walking out with books – and seeds.

Unlike the books, you don’t have to return the seeds, but librarian Jaki Fraser wouldn’t mind if you let her know how the crops are growing.

The Lawrencetown Seed Library is a pilot project of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library, and if response in just a few days is any indication, the project’s a keeper.

Fraser, at the Dr. Frank W. Morse Memorial Library, said seed idea has been well received. “It’s been overwhelmingly enthusiastic,” she said of the response. And people are promising her they will let her know their progress and even take pictures.

The seeds became available for library card holders May 3. The bonus is that the seeds are from local seed companies so you can be certain the climate is just right for their germination and growth as long as you follow the instructions provided with the packets.


The Seeds

Chipping in seeds and instructions are Hope Seeds, Annapolis Seeds, and the Organic Backyard Gardener Paul Gregory.

The seed library includes Mideast cucumbers, long cucumbers, zucchini, radish, lettuce, Chinese salad mallow, bush beans, sugar snap peas, and soy beans.

AVRL is promoting the seeds as a good family project that leads to healthy food choices and sustainable communities. Gardening is known to have substantial health benefits in terms of physical activity and mental well-being,” AVRL noted.

The project progress updates and photos are optional, but it should be easy to do by sending messages or photos to their Faceboo, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

The Dr. Frank W. Morse Memorial Library is located at 489 Main Street in Lawrencetown. You can find more information at