Middleton’s Mona Parsons may finally be getting hometown homage

Heather Killen hkillen@annapolisspectator.ca
Published on November 18, 2015

Middleton’s Mona Parsons, a member of the Dutch Resistance in the Second World War, may finally get the recognition she deserves.

MIDDLETON - A hometown girl is finally getting some homage for her wartime courage.

On Remembrance Day people across the nation were introduced to Mona Parsons, a Valley girl who became a hero of the Dutch Resistance.

Parsons, who was born in Middleton and died in Wolfville, was the main feature on provincial and national news shows airing on Nov. 11.

People were touched by Mona’s story and have been talking about her ever since her story appeared in these papers a few weeks ago.

In the darkest days of Nazi-occupied Holland, Parsons used her position as a socialite to hide countless allied servicemen and help them escape the Nazis. After she was captured, she used her wits to sabotage German bombs, and gave clothes, food, and hope to her fellow prisoners while they toiled together in a forced labour camp.

While both U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower and RAF Air Chief Marshal Lord Arthur Tedder recognized Mona for wartime bravery, the Canadian government has never recognized her and local efforts to memorialize the woman have mostly fallen on deaf ears.

Wendy Elliott, of the Women of Wolfville (WOW), says in recent weeks more than a dozen people across the country have contacted her in support of WOW’s project to erect a memorial statue recognizing Mona at the town square.

Hannah Rose, of Middleton, says she is hoping to lead a similar project in Middleton, memorializing Mona in her first hometown. People across the country have also been contacting her about her efforts, The Mona Project.

Rose says she is hoping to gather enough support in Middleton to partner in a joint initiative that would provide a second memorial to Mona Parsons here in Middleton. The idea is to partner with Wolfville in a joint initiative, telling people about her early years in the Heart of the Valley.

The Mona Project in Middleton will be meeting on Thursday evening at 7 p.m. For more information, contact Hannah Rose at 902-825-4137. For more information on the Women of Wolfville’s initiative, contact Wendy Elliott at welliott@kingscountynews.ca