NSCC to host event in Digby connecting alumni with local business

Published on March 2, 2017

Local entrepreneur and event panellist Brian Manzer with event organizer Nina Barnaby.

©Sara Ericsson

DIGBY, NS - The Nova Scotia Community College campus in Digby is hosting an event aimed at forging links between recent grads, alumni, and business opportunities in Digby and surrounding areas.

The Community Learning Centre in Digby will host the event, called Navigate. It’s one of two locations from which the NSCC’s Burridge Campus operates.

Nina Barnaby, the event’s organizer, says it will benefit employers and alumni since it creates opportunities for both through introducing grads to new businesses, and employers to a new pool of candidates.

The March 10 event will also include a panel of business people and their different perspectives on how to best achieve success in rural Nova Scotia. A mini-market will also showcase local business Lazy Bear Brewing, Still Fired Distilleries and Roof Hound Brewing Co., and the people behind them.

One of the panelists, entrepreneur Brian Manzer, owns Manzer Apiary, the newest of his companies which became official Jan. 2017. He credits the Annapolis Regional Vocational School, a predecessor of the NSCC learning centre, for the success of all his companies.

“Everything was positive from day one, and it was a total game changer for me,” says Manzer.

Barnaby is also an alumnus, having graduated from three separate programs. She says the new location’s creation is what enabled her to go back to school. She has since worked for NSCC for 12 years and has seen this location create opportunities for others.

“Any time students are able to access a learning environment that’s welcoming and encouraging, their success is a benefit,” she says.

Manzer was a Digby town councillor for eight years and was among those who pushed for an NSCC location in Digby. He is very happy with what it’s done for local students and says competition for his own carpentry business comes almost entirely from NSCC alumni he’s trained over the years.

“It’s had quite the spinoff effect,” he says.

“It’s made a big difference, and has helped the well-being of the area.”

The event will be held in the centre’s Learning Commons from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Attendees can register for the event online.