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Cars launched off road on South Farmington corner

This corner in South Farmington has been the site of numerous accidents. Most recently on July 30 when a young driver lost control and was launched into the air via this guardrail. Home owner Glen Goodall says something needs to be done before it happens again.

Dear Editor:

On Monday July 30 2012 my Wife and I were enjoying each other’s company watching a little TV. At a little after 8 p.m. we heard a little chirp from a tire, metal on metal grinding, a big thud -- then complete silence. Looking out our front window we saw a car on its roof in the ditch with the wheels still turning. This changed our evening.

The young man driving the car was a little shaken but okay. We found out that the outcome is not always this way. The scene turned into my wife and me meeting our new neighbours in what one would consider not the best circumstances. We also got to meet some of the EHS, the Nictaux Volunteer Fire Department, and the RCMP.

We were informed by all of our new neighbours that this is a scene that happens regularly at this particular corner of Old Mill Rd in South Farmington. The onsite RCMP member confirmed their information. Is this caused by speed, road design, driver inattention, or they way the guardrail is shaped? The guardrail, as you can see from the picture is shaped like a ramp to help vehicles sail through the air and not stay on the ground where cars belong.

How many more accidents, injuries, and deaths have to happen on this corner before the Annapolis County steps up and does something to assist in fixing the problem and not just a performing a Band-Aid solution.

A fix is required sooner, more than later.  On Tuesday July 31, 2012, Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal replaced the one damaged guardrail post. This just made the guardrail auto ramp structurally capable again to assist another car to become airborne.  It didn’t fix anything….


Glen Goodall

Old Mill Rd

South Farmington

Organizations: Dear Editor, RCMP, Nictaux Volunteer Fire Department Band-Aid

Geographic location: South Farmington, Annapolis County, Old Mill

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