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Lawrence Powell
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Middleton astrologer Helson predicts year of surprises and changes

Middleton astrologer Melia Helson is predicting a Dickensian year ahead – akin to the famous author’s line: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

By Heather Killen

The Spectator


This could be another year of surprises and change for many, if the planets have their way.

Melia Helson, of Middleton, says that when she looks ahead at the astrological charts of the full moons occurring over next year she thinks about Charles Dickens’ famous line about the best of the times and the worst of times.

This local astrologer says that 2013 not only promises a blue moon; but 15 Yods, 10 T-squares, along with a ‘ring-tailed snorter’ of a lunar eclipse. “Ring-tailed snorter’ is not really an astrological term, but Helson uses it to describe a humdinger of an eclipse she sees coming here in September.

Overall she says, this promises to be another year of sudden and sometimes shocking events. How we respond to these events will determine their outcome, she says.


Renewal And Change

Many of the same influences that have been felt over the past few years will continue, signalling renewal and change for many financial and social institutions including schools and hospitals.

While these events may be unsettling at first, they bring about the possibility of transforming the nature of our society, she says. The Pluto-Uranus pattern that began a few years ago continues until 2015, she says. This tense and sudden energy pushes us towards transforming social structures.

This influence was last felt during the 1960s, and now similarly seems to be stirring up new energies for social change around the world. This planetary conjunction will be felt here most strongly around May 21 and November 1, 2013, she says.

Pluto, a planet associated with renewal, will also figure prominently in the charts throughout the coming year. Depending on where it aligns and which planets are nearby will determine how this energy plays out, she says. Shortly after Pluto moved into Capricorn in 2008, a sign associated with institutions and governance, the banks took a serious tumble.


Personal Level

However she’s quick to add, looking at the full moon charts of 2013, most of this energy is pointing more towards a personal level, rather than a collective one. She thinks this means people will be looking at how to make changes in their own lives, whether it’s learning to become more self-sufficient, or create a healthier lifestyle, or look at ways to improve how well we relate to others.

“It means people are evolving,” she says. “Humanity may have a rough ride this year, but good things can come out of it if we pull together.”

She says she expects that the types of economic, social, and climatic upheavals of the past few years will continue, but if people come together positive changes can transform these ongoing problems.

As an astrologer she is quick to point out that contrary to popular opinion, a blue moon isn’t a full moon that happens twice in one month, but rather when the moon is full twice in the same sign. This year the Blue Moon occurs in Leo.

The first full moon in Leo, occurring on July 22, promises to be a doozie, she says. Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will be squaring off to form a Grand Trine. The sun will also square Saturn, overall this alignment suggests a sudden, explosive event that brings something new. 


Planets Square

When planets square each other, they are seen to face off in an aspect of 90°, as if to confront and challenge each other. Squares are thought to provide the energy and determination we need to make things happen and achieve our goals.

Mars is an impetuous type of energy, while Jupiter is associated with expansion. This mix, along with Saturn (a planet associated with restriction and limitation), combined with another Pluto-Uranus face-off suggests a possibly volatile mix of energy.

The second full moon in Leo, the Blue Moon on August 20, seems to forecast another sudden development that can eventually bring about positive change. The Pluto-Uranus energy returns along with a Jupiter- Venus square.

Other planetary alignments on that day are also promising that as long as people work together, things will work out, she says. Overall it looks like this influence will most affect neighbourhoods and possibly be centered in institutions such as schools, or possibly hospitals.



Looking at the Yods that are occurring over the next year, she says it looks like we are being called to come together as a community, to resolve problems that have been hidden in the past. She sees a year when private issues such as mental illness and sexual abuse could be brought more into the spotlight.

“The way people treat each other will be the key here,” she said. “We need to build an inclusive community where people work together for the common good of all. We have to start thinking more about what’s important and what’s working, rather than ‘what’s in it for me?’”

Yods, she explains, are interpreted as cosmic signals for people to ‘serve or suffer.’ These triangular patterns occur between three planets and usually point towards a particular issue. It can signal an event, or the type of action that is required of us.

These alignments can test our mettle and if we all step up and work together, positive changes can result from the crisis. If we ignore the problem, or react negatively to the call for change, the problems could get worse.


Ring-Tailed Snorter

The ring-tailed snorter of an eclipse takes place here on September 19 and presents the third consecutive Yod taking place on a full moon and will involve two grand water trines (groups of three planets occurring in signs of Cancer, Pisces, and Aquarius) and a grand square.

Helson says this alignment could bring a lot of challenging energy to the surface and information may become known that may prompt people to question how we, as a society, have been handling private issues such as mental illness.

Helson says while the influences over the next year could be unsettling for some, they could pave the way forward to a stronger, kinder world for the rest of us.


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