It’s in the hands, not the cards dealt

Heather Killen
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Kristie Bremner of Middleton combines Reiki treatments and tarot card readings to help people improve their moods.

By Heather Killen

The Spectator


A local fortune-teller is shifting her hands in hopes of raising some spirits.

Kristie Bremner, who had Sparkles Little Shoppe of Tarot in Windsor, has moved to Middleton.  She says she plans to expand her services to include Reiki treatments and gentle massage to help people relax a little, so they can smile a little more.

She says in the past she’s always tried to debunk the old ideas of dark fortune tellers and their doom and gloom predictions with upbeat tarot readings that leave people feeling good about themselves and their lives.

It’s not that dark clouds don’t gather in people’s lives, it’s just that Bremner prefers to focus on life’s more positive possibilities and directions. Other things she doesn’t offer predictions about are love and money, so if clients are looking for insight about Mr. Right, or the winning lotto numbers, she says they’ve come to the wrong place.

“I’m a die-hard optimist,” she says. “I want to give people an uplifting experience while they’re here and when they leave, they go with a smile and wanting more.”

She’s been playing with the tarot for years and says for her, it’s been a tool for self-discovery. In fact she says, she’s been reading the cards so long, they’ve begun to talk to her hands.  

Recently she’s decided to allow her hands to talk back.

A few years ago one of her clients, a Reiki master, wanted to learn the tarot so she traded tarot lessons for Reiki lessons. Bremner’s since studied Reiki under a few masters and has decided to offer these sessions to complement her tarot services.

“The cards talk to me,” she said. “I learned to read the energy through the cards and now I’m readjusting the energy through Reiki.”

She added that just as she has her own style of reading cards, she practices Reiki in her own way.  The sessions can last anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the client.

She begins with a consultation where she gets to know the client and explain a little of what to expect. Bremner says she uses some aromatherapy and so the sessions are not scent-free.

They usually begin with a gentle foot soak and massage starting with the feet and then working around the body from head and neck, the arms, hands and elbows. She says the idea is to first relax people and prepare the chakras, or energy centers to receive the Reiki.

While she’s applying the gentle massage, she’s also reading the body’s energy searching out blockages, or areas that could need special attention. Bremner added that if she senses a trouble spot, such as an old injury complaining, she recommends the client seek medical treatment from a doctor.

The sessions are not intended to replace medical attention, but they can turn a bad mood into a more relaxed state of mind, she said. After the Reiki treatment, the sessions end with a short and light oracle reading.

“I want people to leave feeling relaxed and upbeat,” she said. “It’s amazing what a difference a refreshed outlook can make. It can move people from a bad state of mind towards a smile.”

For more information on Kristie Bremner’s tarot readings, or Reiki/relaxation sessions, contact her at 902-489-9995, or stop by Kissing Gate Woodcraft and Mystic Allure at 147 Main St. in Middleton.


Geographic location: Middleton, Windsor

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