What to do with the Clementsport Dam?

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Decision rests with the community

By Carolyn Sloan



With the Clementsport Dam in a derelict state, the Clean Annapolis River Project is investigating the possibility of removing the structure, though they emphasize that the decision of what to do with the dam rests with the surrounding community.

Having received support in principle from the county to remove the dam, CARP is considering applying to a funding program for removing old derelict dams that are no longer used for the purposes of allowing fish migrations to return to the waterways. “There are a lot of fish that for their natural life cycle move up and down streams,” explains CARP’s Andy Sharpe. “Any barrier stops fish from coming there.”

He adds that one of the potential benefits of taking down the Clementsport Dam would be the return of salmon fishery to that area. “We know that the Moose River has good water quality,” says Sharpe. “It’s not acidic, so it has the potential to support salmon again.”

He emphasizes that it could be years before CARP would go through the process of applying for funding, and that this would not happen without the support of the community. As such, the next step for the organization is to speak with those living next to the dam. “Everyone would have to be on board,” he explains. “Something has to be done and this is one option.”

If CARP went ahead with the application and received funding, it would take a year to conduct a feasibility study to assess the environmental impacts of removing the dam. At the end of a year, with all the details in hand, a decision would be made whether to proceed.

Geographic location: Annapolis River, Moose River

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